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Terpenoids and Related Constituents of Essential Oils

by Wilfried A. König, University of Hamburg, Germany, Daniel Joulain, Robertet S.A., Grasse, and Detlev H. Hochmuth, Hochmuth Scientific Consulting, Hamburg, Germany

The unique mass spectral library "Terpenoids and Related Constituents of Essential Oils" covers approximately 2000 compounds commonly found in essential oils, particularly monoterpenes, sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, oxygenated sesquiterpenes, diterpenes and related aromatic and aliphatic constituents like esters, lactones, epoxides and ethers complemented with some common aroma chemicals used in the flavour and fragrance field. Each entry consists of the mass spectrum, substance name, molecular formula, graphical chemical structure and retention index on a non-polar stationary phase (DB 1). All mass spectra are measured on a high-quality double-focusing sector field instrument and are excellently compatible with all common quadrupole instruments.

The library is primarily targeted towards industry and research in the areas of essential oils, flavour and fragrances, aroma, perfume, tobacco, food and beverages, plant volatiles and phytochemistry. Furthermore, research in the areas of biosynthesis, terpenes, terpenoid and steroid chemistry and general natural product chemistry can profit from this mass spectral collection. Constituents of standard essential oils like e.g. citrus variations, peppermint, bergamotte, rose and many more are covered.

The Terpenoids Library is perfectly suited for use with MassFinder 4. The user may add own spectra or update and modify all entries conveniently. By the use of retention indices it is possible to distinguish most isomeric compounds with ease and certainty, even if their respective mass spectra are almost identical. Read more about how retention indices work in our Retention index guide.

You may view all library entries: Terpenoids Library List

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