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MultiTrace 3: Manual


Operating system compatibility

MultiTrace 3 can run on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. MultiTrace 3 is currently only available in a 32 bit version, but runs flawlessly on 64 bit versions of Windows 7.

We recommend to use a large monitor with a high resolution. 1920x1200 on a 24" screen would be perfect. However, MultiTrace runs on lower resolutions, too.


We know that a hardware-based copy protection system is a nuisance, but please understand that we can not offer a complex product like MultiTrace for such a reasonable price without license control. The selected system is very convenient and allows multiple installations of MultiTrace on as many workstations as you desire. Naturally, only one instance can run simultaneously. The little green USB stick is called 'dongle' and has either to be connected to the computer MultiTrace is to be executed on or has to be available in the local area network (see network set-up below). If you like to execute MultiTrace on more than one computer, follow the instructions in step 1-4 for each one.

  1. Administrator rights and no firewalls: Please make sure you have administrator rights on the computer. Log in as administrator and, if applicable, configure firewall software that could prohibit client/server applications.
  2. Installing the copy protection software: Please connect the USB flash drive and execute the file WkRuntime.exe. The appropriate drivers of the copy protection software are now installed automatically; the installer will select 32 bit or 64 bit version of the drivers as appropriate. Note: Do not connect the USB dongle before finishing with this step.
  3. Connecting the copy-protection dongle: Please insert the little green USB stick into one of your computer's USB ports. On some Windows operating systems, Windows will automatically detect the dongle and a hardware installation assistant will pop up. In that case, choose automatic installation. On some Windows operating systems, the dongle will be recognised and activated silently.
  4. Copy MultiTrace onto your system: MultiTrace itself does not need to be installed. It can start from any place, even from CD-ROM, USB flash drives or network drives. For your convenience, we recommend to copy the entire folder to any place on your harddrive, e.g. to C:\Program Files\MultiTrace. We recommend to create a shortcut on your desktop or taskbar.

Please note that the dongle constitutes the license and thus represents the main value of the product. Please keep care of the dongle and note that lost dongles will not be replaced. See the network license set-up for a method to keep your dongle in a more secure place.

The USB flash drive was just a means to deliver the software. Feel free to use this 1 GB USB flash drive for other purposes.

Network license set-up

You may install MultiTrace on as many computers as you like. Of course, you can only execute one instance per license simultaneously. In order to ease sharing the dongle and to avoid the need of moving the copy-protection dongle from one workstation to another, the copy-protection driver can be accessed through the local area network.

  1. Select which system shall become the copy-protection server. This can be any client workstation you choose and can' but does not have to be your company's dedicated network server.
  2. Follow steps 1-4 of the above installation instructions for each workstation you want to run MultiTrace on and for the workstation you selected as server.
  3. Connect the dongle to the server and select in the WIBU-KEY group of your programs menu the Network Server, locate the WIBU icon in the task tray menu, then select run as service and run now. Note: Do not start the Network Server on more than one machine at the same time. Only start the Network Server on the system to which the USB dongle is connected.

For reasons of security we recommend to connect the dongle to a workstation that has no public access, e.g. which is placed in a dedicated server room or in an office with restricted access. You may increase the security by connecting the dongle to an USB-port inside of your computer, if available.

License conditions

Please note that the copy protection dongle for the USB port constitutes the main license and thus represents the value of the product. Lost dongles will not be replaced, additional dongles are available at the price of the full product. Multiple licenses require multiple dongles or special network dongles. Please keep care of the copy-protection dongle!

You may make copies of the software data files, deploy MultiTrace through networks and by scripts, and install MultiTrace on as many systems you like, even on virtual machines, but you may only use one instance of MultiTrace simultaneously per license.

Support and Customisation

We offer free email and phone support to all users. We will try to solve all your problems in due course and we are even willing to add new features free of charge if they appear to be useful for the majority of users. MultiTrace is extremely user-friendly, intuitive und comfortable because we listen to your wishes and ideas.

We also develop customised versions of MultiTrace if you have individual requirements and will give you free quotations after discussing your ideas. Particularly, special routines for LIMS import and export, database access, printing and reporting are typical areas of customisation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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