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MassFinder 4

MassFinder 4 users are entitled to free updates to all software versions 4.x. This page lists the MassFinder 4.x update history and each version's significant changes. MassFinder 4 is being continuously improved and expanded. Do not hesitate to provide us with your suggestions, ideas and wishes.

Registered MassFinder 4 users are asked to send us an email and will receive the most current version in return.


MassFinder 4.20

released November 2010

  • Tools box now include 1st and 2nd derivative of TIC profile
  • new report table with more columns and information
  • average region indicated (for subtraction, background correction)
  • retention index tables can be opened from external RI table file (optional)
  • several minor bug fixes
  • requires up-to-date copy-protection drivers, see instructions for drivers

MassFinder 4.1-11

  • result table synchronised with main view: The result table dialog now adjusts the main view's current scan to the selected scan of the result table. You may use the mouse wheel to scroll through the hit list and can watch MassFinder move to the marked peaks corresponding with the result table entries.

MassFinder 4.1-10

  • Gerstel olfactory detector port data file add-on is supported. See Gerstel ODP (German customers: Gerstel ODP) for details about the instrument and read the ODP chapter of the MassFinder online manual. MassFinder will display the olfactogram as colored trace in the main view profile and mass spectra and in the Export GC dialog.
  • Export GC jumps to scan: MassFinder now allows to exit the Export chromatogram dialog by double-clicking on any GC/MS position. The main view's current scan is adjusted to the selected position.
  • Instant traces: The Export GC dialog now features an extremely convenient way of adding and changing ion traces by Ctrl-MouseWheel or Edit box. These instant traces are independent from the regular ion traces.
  • Reconstruct retention table: MassFinder can now reconstruct an alkane pattern retention table from any *.mfg MassFinder data file.

MassFinder 4.1-07

MassFinder 4.1-04

  • Options / Retention tables / Recalculate retention indices -- this features let you apply a different retention table without re-opening the GC/MS run. This is particularly useful when updating the retention table by the new automatic procedure (see below). After recalculation all alkane peaks should have exakt retention indices equal to multiples of 100.
  • Options / Retention tables / Accept times of marked peaks -- this features enables the very easy and rapid update of the alkane pattern (retention table). Just open the new alkane pattern GC/MS run, mark all alkanes (no matter whether as unknown or identified peaks; you may use auto-report), then click this new button, tell MassFinder which alkane the first marked peak represents and MassFinder will automatically update the whole retention table. No need anymore to type in retention times manually.
  • Options / Look for updates -- a new hyperlink at the bottom of the Options dialog allows direct access to this page.
  • Options / Library administration / Export and Maintenance / Create from hit list -- this new feature allows to create a new library that contains all entries of the current hit list. Together with the search filter this makes it possible to rapidly create sub-libraries.
  • Options / Library administration / Export and Maintenance / Create by merge -- this new feature allows to merge several library to one new library. The old libraries are not changed.
  • bug fix: Export Chromatogram / Show All Integrals
  • modified: Main view / Copy annotations -- now without any restrictions; just copies any mark to a peak inside the defined time range.

This update is recommended to all users of MassFinder 4.

MassFinder 4.1-03

  • Export Chromatogram allows vertical adjustment of labels -- this new feature allows shifting each label vertically in order to produce better presentations for printing or export. Just drag the label as desired (left mouse button).

MassFinder 4.1-02

  • Perkin-Elmer GC/MS data file format added
  • Options / Allow library modification -- if deactivated, MassFinder will not allow editing library entries. This is a safety setting for larger work groups.
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