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MassFinder 4: Manual

The open dialog lets you browse and open the data file to be processed.

You may also select the appropiate retention table. Further, you can configure favorite folders to enable easy navigation even when accessing multiple network drives and long path names.


Selecting the data file

Please use the explorer tree to select the folder, then use the file selection box to select the data file. Open the file by clicking OK or by double-clicking the file name.

Please note that GC files (without mass spectral information) are displayed in green, native MassFinder files are displayed in blue and all other files are displayed in black.

Favorite folders

Click on the add favorite button (plus sign) to add the current folder to the favorite folder list. You may select any favorite folder by using the favorite folder combo box. You may delete a favorite folder by selecting it in the combo box and then clicking on the remove favorite button (minus sign). MassFinder will save all favorites automatically.

Please use the favorite folders in order to easily and rapidly access long paths or network drives.

Please note that MassFinder will remember the last active folder independently of the favorite folder settings, even after shutting down and restarting.

File format

Please adjust the file format as appropriate. MassFinder will remember your setting automatically. Please note that MassFinder will always show MassFinder's *.mfg files in blue color, additionally to the selected data file format. Thus, you can always directly open the native data file format of your GC/MS system and the saved MassFinder files without changing the data file format selection box.

Agilent users have the choice to specify either GC or GC/MS data selectively or to access both GC and GC/MS data at the same time. In this case, the different colors (GC: green; GC/MS: black) are a hint as to which kind of data a file name represents.

Retention table

MassFinder's retention index feature can only work properly if you have entered the appropriate retention table and select the correct retention table when opening a file.

MassFinder 4 allows to create and maintain as many retention tables as you need (see MassFinder Options).

If you forgot the set the correct retention table, then just re-open the same file with the correct setting.

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