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MassFinder 4: Manual


Operating system compatibility

MassFinder 4 can run on Windows 7 to Windows 10, on 32 bit and 64 bit. You may download updates of the copy-protection drivers from [WIBU systems].

Please do not try to install 32 bit drivers on 64 bit versions of the operating system. The appropriate 64 bit drivers are available for download from [WIBU systems]. The currently provided file CodeMeterRuntime.exe detects 32 bit and 64 bit systems and selects the appropriate driver automatically.


CodeMeter copy protection dongle
USB flash drive containing the software

We know that a hardware-based copy protection system is a nuisance, but please understand that we can not offer a complex product like MassFinder 4 for such a reasonable price without license control. The selected system is very convenient and allows multiple installations of MassFinder 4 on as many workstations as you desire. Naturally, only one instance can run simultaneously. The little silver CodeMeter stick is called 'dongle' and has either to be connected to the computer MassFinder is to be executed on or has to be available in the local area network (see network set-up below). If you like to execute MassFinder on more than one computer, follow the instructions in step 1-4 for each one of them.

Please use the pictures provided here to identify the two USB devices you received: The CodeMeter copy-protection dongle (top picture) and the USB flash drive (bottom picture) containing the software.

  1. Administrator rights: Please make sure you have administrator rights on the computer. Both the CodeMeter driver as well as MassFinder need to have LAN access. MassFinder should have internet access in order to properly call certain manual pages for your convenience.
  2. Copy MassFinder 4 onto your system: Connect the USB flash drive (bottom picture) to your computer and copy the folder MassFinder\ to your local hard disk drive, e.g. to C:\Program Files\MassFinder4\. If you like, create a shortcut to MassFinder4.exe on your desktop. When ready, remove the USB flash drive.
  3. Installing the copy protection software: Please execute the file CodeMeterRuntime.exe. The copy protection driver will now install automatically. Note: Do not connect the CodeMeter dongle before finishing with this step!
  4. Connecting the copy-protection dongle: Please connect the CodeMeter dongle (top picture). The appropriate driver will be activated automatically. On some Windows operating systems, Windows will detect the dongle and a hardware installation assistant will pop up. In that case, choose automatic installation.
  5. When starting MassFinder, your firewall might detect network connections from the CodeMeter driver and MassFinder.exe. This is used by the copy-protection driver as well as necessary for the access of manual pages. If applicable, please configure your firewall to allow these specific network traffic. However, MassFinder 4 can also run on stand-alone systems without LAN or internet connection.


Please note that the CodeMeter dongle constitutes the license and thus represents the main value of the product. Please keep care of the dongle and note that lost dongle will not be replaced. See the network license set-up for a method to keep you dongle in a more secure place.

The USB flash drive was just a means to deliver the software. Feel free to use this 1 GB USB flash drive for other purposes.


You are entitled to free updates of all versions of MassFinder 4.x. Please regularly visit the page MassFinder Update page to check for new updates. If you are interested in an update, please send us an email and we will supply you with the new executable.

Network license set-up

You may install MassFinder on as many computers as you like. Of course, you can only execute one instance per license simultaneously. In order to ease sharing the dongle and to avoid the need of moving the copy-protection dongle from one workstation to another, the copy-protection driver can be accessed through the local area network.

Connect the CodeMeter dongle to the workstation on which you intend to host the dongle. Open the CodeMeter control center by clicking on the cyan-blue CM icon in the task tray (lower right corner on your screen). Open the WebAdmin by clicking the WebAdmin button in the lower right corner of the CodeMeter control center. Select Configuration / Network and check the option Run Network Server. Then click apply to activate the network server. Now the local CodeMeter dongle can be accessed from anywhere of your LAN. You can share the dongle without physically moving it.

For reasons of security we recommend to connect the CodeMeter dongle to a workstation that has no public access, e.g. which is placed in a dedicated server room or in an office with restricted access. You may increase the security by connecting the dongle to an USB-port inside of your computer, if available.


License conditions

Please note that the CodeMeter copy protection dongle for the USB port constitutes the main license and thus represents the value of the product. Lost dongles will not be replaced, additional dongles are available at the price of the full product. Multiple licenses require multiple dongles or special network dongles. Please keep care of the copy-protection dongle!

You may make copies of the software data files, deploy MassFinder through networks and install MassFinder on as many systems you like, even on virtual machines, but you may only use one instance of MassFinder simultaneously per license.


We offer free email and phone support as well as [[TeamViewer] remote quick support sessions to all users of MassFinder. We will try to solve all your problems and we are even willing to add new features free of charge if they appear to be useful for the majority of users. MassFinder is extremely user-friendly because we listen to your wishes.

We also develop customised version of MassFinder if you have individual requirements and will give you free quotations after discussing your ideas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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