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MassFinder 4: Manual

MassFinder 4 can run on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. MassFinder 4 is currently only available in a 32 bit version.

The copy-protection driver is available for all Windows operating systems, both 32 bit and 64 bit. You may download updates of the copy-protection drivers from [WIBU systems].

Data file formats

MassFinder 4 is currently compatible with the following data file formats:

  • Agilent ChemStation MS (/*.D/
  • Agilent ChemStation GC (/*.D/*.CH)
  • JCAMP-DX import (*.jdx)
  • MassSpec/Finnigan (*.mss)
  • GCQ or ITS40 (*.ms)
  • Varian SMS (*.sms)
  • JEOL Shrader (*.lrp)
  • NIST import (*.msp)
  • Text single spectrum import (*.txt)
  • PE TurboMass (*RAW/_functns.inf) <nominal spectra>
  • Thermo Finnigan XCalibur (*.RAW) <converter>
  • Shimadzu (*.gqd) <converter>

Please note that many mass spectrometry acquisition systems can export JCAMP-DX data files which are compatible with MassFinder.

You may enter single mass spectra manually either by typing or pasting any m/z peak list, which can originate from the internet or any Word or pdf document.

Library formats

MassFinder 4' is currently compatible with the following library file formats:

  • MassFinder (*.mfl)
  • JCAMP-DX (*.jdx/*.jdl)
  • NIST (*.msp) <only small user libraries>
  • Agilent ChemStation MS <conversion necessary>

Small to medium-sized libraries in Agilent ChemStation format can be converted to MassFinder. Please see the ChemStation library conversion manual page for details.

Libraries of very many formats can be converted by commercial software. We will gladly assist you in converting your proprietary libraries to MassFinder format.

Please note that MassFinder is intended to be used with small to medium-sized libraries (<10.000 entries) and is not able to read or process huge mass spectral libraries like Wiley, NIST or Palisade. However, MassFinder can call NIST MS Search 2.0 for externally searching the current target in NIST.

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