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Hochmuth Scientific Consulting offers tailor-made scientific software that meets your individual requirements. We are also specialised on scientific consulting in the areas of essential oils, flavors and fragrances as well as in pesticide analysis.

  • increase the efficiency of your laboratory work-flow
  • find unique solutions custom-made for you
  • modern processing with proprietary algorithms
  • profit from our expertise in GC and GC/MS analysis

Be a step ahead of your competition!

Customised Scientific Software

We are specialised on developing customised scientific software with particular experience in mass spectrometry and chromatography. If desired, we also offer consulting in instrumental analysis in order to optimise your entire analytical methodology.

Examples of projects developed specifically for individual customers:

  • analytic laboratory workflow visualisation and sample tracking systems
  • implementation of bar-code based systems for analytic laboratory workflow
  • software system to analyse GC/MS fullscan using libraries for low-level trace components
  • automatic processing and data mining of vast GC/MS collections
  • automatic generation of certificates of analysis and related reports
  • bulk data format conversions of GC/MS data

Custom procedures for MassFinder and MultiTrace

We also implement routines and procedures into MassFinder and MultiTrace to fulfill special requirements of individual customers. For example, special printing and reporting features including corporate design and logos, adaptation of proprietary libraries, tailor-made search algorithms, post-processing calculations or advanced integration routines for gas chromatography, communication with LIMS systems and general database connectivity.

Further, automatic export to Excel and Word, inclusion of bar-codes in prints, reports, and tables, or administration of new, proprietary data fields in MassFinder or MultiTrace are desired frequently and implemented professionally by us to maintain the smooth and solid user interface.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements and will give you quotations free of charge.

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