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Order and support

You are invited to contact us for all kinds of quotations, orders, software support, inquiries or scientific proposals. You may communicate with us in English or German language. Email support is free of charge and usually you will receive an answer in less than 48 h. Please include one of the keywords "MassFinder" or "MultiTrace" in the subject line of your inquiry in order to clearly distinguish it from the tremendously high amount of spam mail nowadays.

Besides email support, we also offer support sessions using the remote access software TeamViewer.

 Dr. Detlev Hochmuth
 Störtebekerweg 48
 21149 Hamburg


product price (EURO)
MassFinder 4, single network license (each) 1.850,00
MassFinder 4, network license pack (4x) 6.000,00
MassFinder 4, license upgrade from version 3 (each) 850,00

product price purchase price subscription
MultiTrace 4, single network license (each) € 4.150,00 € 150,00 / month
MultiTrace 4, license upgrade from version 3 (each) € 2.750,00 € 85,00 / month

Conditions: The software may be installed on as many computers as you like. The software requires a hardware copy-protection dongle that must be either connected to the computer itself or to any other computer inside the same local area network. Each license allows one concurrent user, i.e. only one instance per available license can be executed at the same time.

This license scheme allows you the convenience of having the software available on all computers, while maintaining a per-license access restriction. Thus, it is easily possible to share a license with other colleagues inside the same local area network.

The MassFinder network license pack is only available for the same site and will always be part of one single copy-protection dongle. One dongle can hold as many licenses as you need.

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